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2017/18 GotSoccer Registration Instructions
For teams getting ID cards directly from SCCYSA

Coaches and Managers,
To better assist you and to help make your registration process easier we have developed a step by step process:

DO NOT MAKE ADJUSTMENT TO TEAM AGE!!!!!   On Aug 1 your team age will automatically update for 2017/18.

WHEN EMAILING [email protected] please put COACH NAME and TEAM NAME (EXAMPLE: Lou Fusz Dake Red)

If you do not have any roster changes you still must email a copy of your last year's OFFICIAL roster and write NO CHANGES

A. For new teams or teams changing clubs:

1. We will need your username and password for your GotSoccer TEAM account.
2. Please follow the directions below.

B. Entering coach/assn coach/manager/players into your team account

1. Delete players who are not playing out of your team account by clicking on the Roster Tab, then click on the players name, then click Delete Player at the bottom. (FYI this feature will be turned off once ID cards are printed).
2. To enter players onto your team that have been previously registered in a different club in GotSoccer, the player must go to click on GotSoccer Links in menu. Under Player Moves, click on your club. Players MUST log in under Individual Users-Existing Account!!! (DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!!!!!) Click on forgot password if needed.
3. Enter new players (NEW means they do not have a GotSoccer account) into your GotSoccer Team account. USE ALL CAPS when typing. USE LEGAL NAMES!!! Address, phone and email ARE REQUIRED! Leave ID number BLANK!

a. DO NOT enter Secondary Players (see #8)
b. DO NOT enter a player that has been previously registered in a different club in GotSoccer in 2011-2017 (see #2)
c. DO NOT enter a player previously in your same club (simply write their name on hand written roster and indicate that they played previously with your club (see #4)

4. Submit hand written changes on last year's OFFICIAL roster (official rosters are located under Team Profile then Documents, it is a PDF document). If you do not have any roster changes you still must email a copy and simply put at the top NO CHANGES.

a. Scratch through deleted players, coaches, and managers names
b. At the bottom write players name and indicate: New, Moved & from what club OR Player is switching teams within your club.
c. At the top write in new coach or managers
d. At the top notate any team name changes
e. New teams email us a list of coaches, managers and players.

5. AFTER JULY 5, 2017!!!!Enter new coaches and managers by going to click on GotSoccer Links in menu. Under Additions, click your club.

a. FYI there WILL be a period of time when coaches and managers are blank in your team account....DON'T PANIC...this is OK...they will reappear after your new background checks are completed (AFTER JULY 5)...DO NOT re-enter previously registered coaches/managers.

6. Copies of state issued birth certificates (kept by SCCYSA) for new players is required.
7. Illinois players must have have 2017/2018 Out-of-State Player Permission
8. Secondary Roster Permission is only used for secondary rostering a player outside your club. (Lou Fusz does not allow this)
9. PHOTOS in GotSoccer WILL PRINT on ID cards! PLEASE make sure photos are CURRENT!!! Photos must be a face shot (like drivers license photo). To upload from team account, click on players name, under photo click upload. To upload from player account, click on My Profile, under Player Photo click upload.
10. ALL BACKGROUND CHECKS EXPIRE JULY 1, therefore ALL coaches, assn & managers will be REQUIRED to complete a new background check AFTER JULY 5, 2017
11. ALL coaches(bench personnel) are required to complete MYSA CDC certificate.
12. MYSA requires all coaches to hold one or more license(s) from US Soccer. The license levels are Youth Coaching Certificate,Y, F, E, D, C, B, A. The US Soccer 'F' license on-line course(on its own) DOES NOT COMPLY.
13. MYSA at large players must register via the MYSA office website.
14. We DO NOT need your Medical Forms.


  • Deadline to have the above steps is July 19. All teams are processed in the order received. If you turn in paperwork incomplete you will be placed at the back of the line!!!
  • We will call/email when completed and ready. ID cards will be available in your GotSoccer team account. You will print them from the same spot as your official roster.
  • Payment is required prior to ID's being generated in your team account.
  • Some clubs require club fees paid prior to ID's being generated. (Lou Fusz does)
  • MYSA will activate ID card printing on Aug 1, therefore nothing for 2017/18 can be printed before then.
  • If emailing paperwork please put all files in one document so we just have to press print once.


  • ID cards are $21 per card if paperwork is turned in before the deadline (July 19).
  • ID card fees increase by $1 per week after the deadline (ie: July 24-28 $22/card, July 31-Aug 4 $23/card, etc)
  • There is a 3% processing fee for credit card payments.

Questions please call the office 636-498-1056 or email [email protected]
St. Charles County Youth Soccer Association
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