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Coach FAQ

What coach qualifications do I need? 
  • Seasonally each coach, assn coach, and team parent must register by the deadline. Head coach registration includes a coach code of conducts and team information sheet. You will complete this while you are registering your child ONLINE.
  • Formal knowledge of soccer and or playing background is preferred but not required.
  • We would prefer that all coaches have a child/step-child, brother/sister, niece/nephew, or cousin of some sort on the team.
  • Every coach, assn coach, and manager involved with youth teams must complete:
    • Criminal background check online paid by SCCYSA
    • Coaching course paid by SCCYSA
    • Concussion course
    • the office will email you the link after teams are made (about 2 weeks after registration ends).

How do I become a coach?  Your best approach is to check box on the player registration form.

If I am asked to coach and say yes, then what?  see Coach page on the website.
Fill out information above to qualify and keep reading this page...

I registered to be a head coach? Is that a guarantee that I will be a head coach?

NO, head coaches are needed based on the quantity of players registered, therefore we may not need all coaches that register.

Do I have to attend the Coaches Meeting each season?  The league requires that each team send a representative to their designated coaches meeting each season. This representative does not have to be the coach but at least someone who is familiar with the operations of your team. These meetings are important for discussing new information from the league, picking up scheduling information sheets, and receiving new handouts for the upcoming season.
PLEASE!!! Call players immediately!!! Even if you are not going to practice right away. Make sure that you leave your contact phone number. If you are going to e-mail information please call and let them know to check their e-mails. Then they can print the e-mail with your name and phone number. RECOMMEND TO THEM TO PUT YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBERS ON REFRIGERATOR OR WHEREVER THEY KEEP IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS.

When and where are practices held? 
You are a  volunteer and are donating your time, you may select a practice time and location or take a poll from the parents. Suggestions: we put teams together geographically so the team can practice closer to home. Please try to pick a school yard, park, field closed to your teams homes. If your team is a mixture of areas try to pick somewhere geographically centered to all players if possible. You can select an area that does not require a permit like a school yard of park, but remember that most places that do not require a permit are first come first serve. Or you can obtain a permit from the local cities. Check with the school or parks department and see what their requirements are for practice. Practice spots for spring are hard because of daylight, try getting a gym or use your basement. If your practice time or day does not work for a player or family we can try to move the player to a different team, or we will give a refund (minus a processing fee) up until the games start. top

When do we receive schedules, uniforms, & game balls?  All schedules, uniforms, & game balls are handed out to the coaches prior the season (see Event Calendar). All teams receive new uniforms (jersey, shorts and sock) each Fall season and will use these jerseys for that season and the following Spring season. If a team is new to the league in the Spring (which means they didn’t play the previous Fall season), they will receive new uniforms for that season. Also, any individual players who are new to a team in the Spring season will receive a new uniforms for that season.  If a player needs a replacement jersey, they are available from SCCYSA for a nominal fee. Player fees for fall season are higher to pay for uniforms. A player requesting to change teams between fall and spring season will have to pay the new player fee because they will receive a new uniform. If team has their own uniform, the registration fee is $10.00 less per player in the Fall season only.

When are field closings and game cancellations made by?  The league and/or parks department will determine playability of the fields for games daily and will update our rain out line. The Rain Out Line is updated the same day as the game and normally two hours before the games start. So, on Sat the hotline should be updated by 6 am, on Sun by 10 am, and weeknights by 4 pm.

Rain Out Line?  Rain-Out Line information is located on home can call, view online, get email and/or text alerts or download app for your phone. top If a game rains out, do we make it up?  Our rain out policy states that we will try to make up all rained out games unless the coach does not want to continue playing. We will try and fill in games throughout the season when possible otherwise games will be added to the end of the season. Make-up games due to weather are updated online at least every Friday. We will reschedule around original conflicts, we would prefer not making any changes after the schedules have been posted.

If I have a problem with another coach or with something what went on in a game or practice, what should I do?  If you need assistance at the field please get the field marshall. Please contact your commissioner (click on Contact Us). We can not help you resolve a problem if we are not aware of the situation. If the problem requires action by the Board of Directors we ask that a statement be put in writing describing the situation. Player/parents names will kept strictly confidential, unless noted.

What about Team/Individual Photos?
  Team/individual photos may be taken at the teams discretion. Our current photo company is STL Digital . They do provide SCCYSA with a donation based on total SCCYSA sales!

Cold and inclement weather?  Warm ups, sweats, and/or warm clothing containing non metal zippers or other hard or sharp parts may be worn. Jerseys and shorts must be visible and number must not be covered. Gloves and head coverings (no hard brim hats) are permitted. NO hooded sweatshirts or jackets with hood's for safety reasons.

What if I have a game conflict?  Use your assn coach. Cancellations maybe considered for reschedule if verbal request for cancellation is made within 10 working days prior to scheduled game to office staff. Then you must contact the opposing coach. Cancellations will only be considered if the opposing coach is in agreement to reschedule!!! The opposing coach and you must come up with a date for reschedule. If you are trying to reschedule during the regular season your game will most likely be added to the beginning or end of the day, not in the middle unless their are cancellations. 

CONFLICT FORM (One coach per team ONLY)
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