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Dear Coaches,


You may wish to consider the Challenge Division this spring.

     Is your team better than average?

     Do you play in the blue division or rec plus?

     Do you want to advance your players and your team to play competitive soccer?

Then give them a challenge…the new Challenge Division.


SCCYSA believes a challenge helps players learn and grow, and therefore, we strive to schedule games between similarly situated teams and avoid games with lopsided scores.  We have received requests from both coaches and players to be placed in the “blue” or “Rec Plus” division.  During Spring 2013 SCCYSA debuted the Challenge Division for a higher competition level to help more advanced teams and/or players continue to improve their soccer skills while remaining in our wonderful league.

You may sign your team up in the Challenge Division with SCCYSA during open registration, still at $90 per player.  Here’s how:

      1.  Download & complete the team application, available online.
      2.  Submit the application to the SCCYSA office.

      3.  Provide a list of players – so the players may register online – OR submit your player registrations along with their payment to the SCCYSA office.


By choosing to play in the Challenge Division, you will receive the same benefits as in past seasons, and coaches now will be able to select your players to form your own team; you will not be required to accept pool players.  The requirement that each player play 50% of the game will be waived; however, SCCYSA expects coaches to play each player a reasonable amount of time considering it is a game, and the primary objective is still teaching the game of soccer while the kids have fun.  Coaches may implement kick-arounds, tryouts or hand selection for players.  If additional players are needed to fill the team, you may request player referrals from SCCYSA, and SCCYSA will provide names of individual players who requested the challenge/blue/rec plus division.

A minimum of four teams are required to form this division. If not enough teams are available, your team will be automatically moved up to the next age division.

Please feel free to contact me, or the SCCYSA office, with questions.  Thank you and we look forward to a new chapter for SCCYSA and your team.


Tanya Muhm

SCCYSA Commissioner Boys U8 & younger

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